What is a Liveedit ( .liveeditaurora.com) URL? 

Your LiveEdit URL (e.g. iintraining.liveeditaurora.com) is a developmental URL that allows you to build your website before going live. This URL is not intended to be the one you share with clients or on social media. We recommend connecting your own domain as it helps build brand awareness and optimize your website’s Search-Engine-Optimization (SEO).  


Please Note:

  • Liveedit URLs will not get indexed or appear on search engines.
  • Once you've connected your own domain, visitors accessing your website will never see your Liveedit URL. 
  • LiveEdit URLs can not be added or modified under the Domains tab.  

Where can I purchase my own domain?

You can purchase a domain name from a domain provider such as GoDaddy or Google Domains. 

How do I launch my website under my own domain?

To go live once you have your own domain name, please see our Launch Guide.

Where is my Liveedit website hosted? 

Websites built on our platform, Liveedit, are securely hosted and managed on our hosting environment.

Can I transfer or host my Liveedit website on a different provider? 

Websites built on our platform cannot be transferred or hosted on another platform, such as Squarespace or WordPress.

Can I still edit my website after going live?

Absolutely! You can continue to log in and make edits at any time after going live. 

What is the difference between Website and Domain hosting?

  • Website Hosting - Your liveedit website and its digital content are hosted on our platform. The cost of hosting is part of your monthly subscription.

  • Domain Hosting - We do not host or manage domain names for any of our customers. Please register and host your domain through a domain provider.

Do you provide custom email address hosting?  

Not at this time. We recommend contacting your domain provider, as many offer custom email address services. You could also try out Microsoft365 or Google Workspace. 

Do I need an SSL certificate?

To learn more about SSL certificates, please Click Here.

Does my website have FTP access?

We do not provide FTP access at this time. You can upload new images, videos, and other files to your website through the File Manager.