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Why is my website showing a "Not Secure Message"?

Web browsers will now mark any websites as "Not Secure" if an SSL certificate (Secure Socket Layer) is not found to be installed on the website's domain. This message doesn’t mean that your website is unsafe or has been hacked, as your website is protected by our industry-grade security system. Web browsers are just looking to see if your website has an SSL certificate installed to establish a secured HTTPS:// connection to your website.

If you wish to install an SSL certificate for any domain names you connect, we offer the option to purchase one directly through the Domains tab of your Liveedit website. Once an SSL certificate is purchased and installed, customers visiting your website will see a lock symbol in the URL window of their browser.

Is my website secure?

At liveedit, we are 100% committed to the security of our platform. All our websites are securely hosted on our servers and are monitored around the clock by our industry-grade security system. To ensure your website's security, we do not disseminate the technical details of our platform or security system.

Can I use my own SSL Certificate from a domain provider?

No. SSL certificates purchased from a domain provider are not compatible with our system.

How much is an SSL certificate through liveedit?

$15.00 US per year (Auto Renews).

Do I need to purchase an SSL certificate for all my domains?

We recommend only purchasing an SSL certificate for your Primary Domain. Any other domains you have connected, such as a"www" subdomain, should be redirected to your Primary Domain per our launch guide.

How do I purchase and install an SSL certificate?

  1. Login into your liveedit website via your liveedit URL. (How to Login)
  2. Navigate to Account Settings
  3. Click on the Domains tab
  4. Click on Request SSL for your Primary Domain
    Please Note: If you do not see the Request SSL button, you will need to update your domain A Record so it points to our required IP address. Please see our guide here: How to launch your website

  5. Next, you will be shown a screen with the SSL’s price and an additional option to select "Yes" or "No" to have Auto-Renew turned on. Please select your option then click Checkout.
  6. Next, you will be prompted to enter your payment information. Once entered, click Next to continue.
  7. You will then be shown your entered payment information. If everything is correct, click Confirm to continue.

  8. Next, you will be prompted to confirm your purchase. Please check the "I Agree" box then click Complete Order. Once you’ve submitted your SSL order, you will be sent a receipt email and the payment will also appear under the Add-ons Billing tab.

  9. Now that you’ve purchased an SSL, our system will begin installing it automatically. It can take upwards of 30 to 60 minutes for the SSL certificate to install once purchased and no further actions are required on your end.

  10. Once the SSL is installed, you will see a checkmark next to your domain.