Our Mindbody integration includes both Integrated pages and Elements that you can use on your website. You may notice that some integrated pages and elements share the same functionality. For example, the List Schedule ( /apps/mindbody/list-schedule ) and the Schedule element appear the same. With the Schedule Element, you will have more control to select what classes appear and much more. 

Integrated Pages:

Integrated pages are pre-built and designed to display MINDBODY information or provided a specific function. For example, the login page ( /apps/mindbody/login ), is an integrated page. 

List of Integrated Pages

  • List Schedule - List view of the MINDBODY schedule.

  • Week Schedule - Grid view of the MINDBODY Schedule

  • Enrollments - MINDBODY Enrollments display

  • Appointments - Displays a search for MINDBODY appointments*

  • Login - Client login and new user form

  • Logout - Triggers client logout

  • My Account - Gives the client the ability to view client's schedule,past visits, account information

  • Staff - Staff listing

  • Classes - List of all current classes

  • About Us Page - Page that pulls location information about the studio

  • Checkout - All service pricing and checkout


Elements can be thought as ‘widgets’. They can be dragged and drop into any available Content Areas on the website, just like a Text or Image element. Elements provide greater flexibility and control over the integrated pages. 

List of Elements