Dragging the Prospect Form Content Element and dropping it into any Content Area imports your form straight from your MINDBODY business management software. Clicking Save will place the content into the specified Content Area. When users submit the Prospect Form, the information is recorded directly into your MINDBODY business management software. It will create a prospect account in your MINDBODY. 

Caution: Submissions from this form create an incomplete/inactive account in MINDBODY.  These accounts can not be used on website's integration. To learn more about MINDBODY client accounts, please Click Here.

Element Settings


Within the options of the MINDBODY Prospect Form Element, you set an email address to receive email notifications when a users submits this form. If left blank, no email notification will be sent out. Pleases note: The fields that appear in the Prospect Form can not be adjusted at this time. 


Below is how the form will appear once placed.