The Responsive Calendar Schedule Content Element pulls your class schedule directly from your MINDBODY business management software and displays it within any Content Area In a Calendar View. Please note, enrollments/workshop are currently not supported in this element. 

Full Desktop View

Mobile View


You will notice in the Full Desktop View that at the bottom of each day you may see a number such as “2 More”. This means their are additional classes other than the three being displayed.

Clicking on the day will open up the signup window listing all available classes. 

Note: You never leave the page the calendar is on through the entire signup process, unless a purchase is needed.

Responsive Calendar Tab

When the schedule box opens up you can choose a location and various other settings. Note: when adding classes to MINDBODY you will need to turn them on in the element.


  1. Choose where your “Sign Up” buttons direct to, whether it be staying within your LiveEdit site to complete the signup or linking out to the Consumer Mode of MINDBODY.
  2. Pick a start date for your Calendar (Such as a Grand Opening).
  3. Ability to hide trainer names within your schedule.
  4. Choose which location to display.
  5. Ability to show or hide your dropdown menus and print options populated by MINDBODY.
  6. Choose what filters to display.
  7. Choose what Service Categories will populate into the schedule.
  8. Choose what Class Types will populate into the schedule.
  9. Ability to select a specific staff member to show in the schedule, or choose all staff.
  10. Set colors for your calendar days.

   11. Mini mode (Used for small content areas).

Responsive Calendar Advanced Tab

The Advanced tab contains features that can help you fine-tune the appearance of your content.


Clicking Save will place your schedule into the specified Content Area.