Have a website developer helping you design your website? Share Temporary Access to your bk.me account to grant access to the widget code and configurations. 

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Video Overview

  1. Log into your bk.me account (https://account.getbk.me/#/login)
  2. Click on the Temporary Access Link tab
  3. In the pop-up, click Copy Link button
  4. The Temporary Access link is now saved to your clipboard and ready to share! 


What does this give access to?

This link will grant access to the My Widget and Launch tabs. The link does not provide access to billing or your account login/password.

Can I adjust how many days the link is valid for?

We currently only offer the option of 30 days but are open to suggestions!

Can I revoke access?

We are working to offer this feature on the front end but we can revoke access by submitting a ticket.