Campaign Links offer your customers a quick and convenient way to schedule appointments by providing a direct booking link in your email and social media campaigns.

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Video Overview

  1. Log into your account (
  2. Click on the Campaign Link tab
  3. Click on the Create a Campaign button.
  4. In the pop-up, select your desired appointment options
  5. Click Save & generate link once set!
  6. Click on Copy Link to share on your marketing materials, social media, or website!

If you ever misplace or need to grab a campaign link, click on the Link icon.

Edit a Campaign Link 

If you need to adjust an existing campaign link, click on the Pencil Icon. In the pop-up, make your adjustments and then click Save & generat link.

If you need to delete a campaign link, click on the Trash Can icon.

Please Note: Deleting the campaign link will prevent the widget to find the appropriate information in case someone is trying to access it. Deleting a campaign link can not be undone.