If you started an account with liveedit prior to September 26th, 2022, or if you are on a legacy subscription (IIN Basic, IIN Standard, or IIN Prime), your website is on our legacy IIN platform.

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Can I upgrade to an IINSite as an existing customer?

Absolutely! All IIN students and graduates are eligible for our new IINSite offer. To learn more, please see our guide here: IINSite - Signing Up As a Legacy Customer

What's the difference between the legacy and IINSite platforms?

Compared to our legacy platform, our IINSite platform offers brand-new design templates, access to live webinars, and an exclusive analytics feature if you opt for the Growth Essential package. Note that the core editing tools (e.g. adding images, text, blogging, recipes, and forms) are the same between the legacy and IINsite packages. 

What are the legacy IIN packages?

  • IIN Basic
  • IIN Standard
  • IIN Prime

What are the legacy IIN design templates?

  • Foodie Bonanza
  • Fork + Spoons
  • Health Coaching Pro
  • Organic (Green color scheme)
  • Savor
  • Zest

Can I use the legacy templates while on the IINSite platform?

The legacy design templates are not available on the IINSite platform.

IIN Form app

The legacy IIN packages included an IIN Form app which provided pre-built forms from IIN.