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Text Element

To add a link within a Text Element, type out the text you wish to link, highlight it, then click on the Insert/Edit Link icon. 

In the window that appears, add your link to the URL field then hit Ok.

Please Note:
  • When linking to an inernal page within your website, you just need everything after the ".com" instead of the full link. For example, in the above screenshot, we are linking to an internal pricing page.
  • When linking to an external website, it is a best practice to set the Target option to New Window.

Button Styling

When adding a link using the Text Element, you can apply button styling to your link. We recommend trying out the Button1 option first. 

Please Note:
  • Depending on your design template, you may not have different styling for each button class. 
  • Under the Colors tab of Design, you can change the defaults of the button11 styling.

Image Element

If you add an image using our Image Element, you can add a link to it by navigating to the Advanced tab and filling out the Link option.