Please Note: Blog Commeting is disabled by default due to risk of spam bots. If you wish to allow comments and utilize the below features, please Submit a Ticket.

In This Article:

Enabling Commenting On a Post

When publishing a blog post, please enable the Allow Comments option to enable commenting.

How do visitors add comments?

When comments are enabled, a Comment section will appear at the very bottom of a blog post while viewing that individual post. 

To comment, visitors will have to create what is known as a Member Account with your Liveedit website. Once they have an account, they can leave a comment.

Please Note: 

  • Member Accounts will appear under the User & Groups
  • If visitors are unable to create a Member accounts on your website, please contact our team.

Comment Moderation

To enable comment moderation, navigate to the Comments tab of Settings, then enable the Blog-wide comment moderation option. Once enabled, you can enter an email address to receive a notification each time a visitor leaves a comment to approve. 


Comments awaiting approval will appear under the Comments tab of My PostOnce approved, they will appear for other visitors to see! 

Note: We do not have a built-in feature that allows you to reply to comments at this time. 

Disabling Commenting

To disable commenting on every blog post, please navigate to the Comments tab of My Post and then toggle on the Disable Commenting option. 


Can I reply to a visitor's comment?

We do not currently have a feature to reply directly to visitor's comments.