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What are tags?

When publishing a blog post, you will have the option to assign Tags. These tags provide you a great way to organize your post into different topics. For example, you could create a tag called "Fitness" for any posts relevant to fitness. 

Once tags are added to blog posts, they will appear near the bottom, right above the commenting section. Within the Sidebar section of the main blog page, a list of all your tags will also appear to allow visitors to find more relevant posts. 

Adding Tags

When publishing a blog post, you can enter in a brand new Tag or select an existing one. When typing in a new tag, hit Enter on your keyboard to add it. You can then type in or select another Tag. 

Note: Tags are case-sensitive. 

Replacing Tags

In the Replaces Tags popup section, you can replace a specific tag with a new one. Once replaced, any blog post with that Tag will have it replaced. 


Here is an example of changing the Tag "Fitness" to "Yoga". Once replaced, one blog post will be updated. 

Using the Blog Element to display specific Tags

Adding Tags to your blog post is a great way to display specific posts using our Blog Element. For example, let's say you want to highlight all your blog posts with the Tab "Fitness". When adding in the Blog Element, select this Tag and only any post with the "Fitness" tag will appear.