We have recently updated our MINDBODY checkout integration to provide studios the ability to require a card on file for all purchases, including ones with a $0.00 value. 

If you are an appointment based studio who requires a credit card on file, but wish to not charge the clients to place the initial appointment, this is a great solution. To give this a try, there are a two primary steps you will need to complete. 

1) First, you will need to log into MINDBODY Business Mode. Once logged in, you will need to create a product of $0.00 than require it to be purchased for all your appointments. 

2) Second, we will have to enable the require a credit card option on your liveedit website. To do this, please follow these steps:

  1. Login 
  2. Click on the Dashboard icon
  3. Click on the MINDBODY App
  4. Click on the Settings icon
  5. Under the Checkout tab, enable the Require credit card store in client's account for all purchases.

    NOTE: We also recommend that you fill out the message to explain why your studio require billing info. Here is an example of how this message appears:

  6. Click Save Checkout Settings at the bottom

Once everything is enabled, user's will be present a $0.00 product to purchase when booking. If a user trys to uncheck the 'Save my billing info into my account'

Common Questions

What happens if a client already has a card on file?

If a client already has a card on file, they will just see a 'Checkout' button without any credit card fields showing. 

When this is all setup, user's will see an option for 'Save my billing info into my account' checkbox when purchasing any product. If left unchecked will this setting is enable, the checkout button will grey out and show a message that you can customize.