Option #1: Adding a logo in your Site Settings.

When logged into your LiveEdit website, head over to your Site Settings, under your Profile in the upper right corner.

Once in your Site Settings, find the Logo section.  Here you will see where you can drag and place a logo image directly from your desktop, or select 'Browse' to locate the image file within your computer.


Note: A .png file is recommended for best results.  Here are a few resources you can use to create a .png logo file.

3 Ways To Remove Backgrounds From Images

Remove Background from Images Using Background Burner

Once you've selected your logo, you have the option to delete the logo or to replace it with a different image.


When ready, click 'Save Settings' to apply your logo to the website.


Option #2: Adding a logo 'On the page'

When logged into your site, on any page, go into Edit mode.  While in Edit mode, note the 'default' box located around your Business Name.


Clicking the 'default' box will open up the logo editor window and will display all the images within your File Manager.


If you have already uploaded your logo to your File Manager, simply select your logo image.  Once selected, you will be asked to choose a size.  Select from a list of standard sizes or create your own custom size.     Note: The original size of the logo will always be listed at the bottom of the list. 

Once ready, click 'Save Changes' to place your logo on the website.


If your logo has NOT been added to your File Manager, click the 'Upload' tab.


Just as in the Site Settings, you have the option to drag your logo directly from your desktop or click the 'Drag and drop your logo here' button to locate the logo within your computer.


Once you have your logo selected, click 'Save Changes' to place it on your website.

Changing/Removing a logo

You can change your logo image at anytime by using the same process that was used to add a logo to your website.

To remove your logo, when in Edit mode, click on your logo image.  When the logo edit window opens, click 'Delete' in the lower left corner to remove your logo from the website.  Once the logo is removed, it will be replaced with your Business Name.