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Accessing the integrated Mindbody Checkout page

To access this page, please visit your Homepage and then add /apps/mindbody/checkout to the end of your website URL. For example

How to enable Services and Contracts on the integrated Checkout Page

  1. When logged into your site, click on the Dashboard icon in the upper right corner.
  2. Click on the MINDBODY icon in the Apps section.
  3. Click on the Settings tab
  4. Click on the Products tabs
  5. Under the Products tab, you will see a listing of all items that are available for purchase. Check the items that you would like to be available then click Save Product Settings near the bottom. 

1) Navigate to your integrated Mindbody checkout screen - /apps/mindbody/checkout

2) Select a service then click Next at the bottom of the page. This will take you to the individual checkout page for that service.

3) Next, in the address bar of your browser, copy everything after the .com. Once the link is copied, please see our How to place a checkout link steps.

Please note that since we are linking to an internal page on your website, you do not need to copy the full URL.

1) Navigate to the page with your product listings and go into Edit Mode

2)Click on an existing Text Element or drag and drop a new one. 

3) Highlight the text you wish to link and then click on the Insert/Edit link icon.

4) Paste your checkout link in the URL field.

5) Your text is now set up as a link that will take a user directly to the checkout for your product. In our example, the "Buy Now" link is now active and will take a user to the checkout screen to purchase the 10 Class Pass.

Why are Gift Cards, Packages, and Retail Products not appearing?

Gift Cards, Packages, and Retail Products are not currently supported by our Mindbody integration. You will have to link customers out to your Mindbody Consumer Mode website.


1)Why are my products not appearing on the integrated MINDBODY checkout page?

In your MINDBODY Business Mode settings, please double-check that the product is set to be sold online.

2) Do promotion codes work with Contracts?

Promotion codes are not currently supported due to the limitations of MINDBODY's API.

3) Why are contracts not showing when customers are prompted to pay during the signup process?

When customers are prompted to pay before signup up for a class or workshop, contracts will not appear as an option due to a Mindbody API limitation.