A Call To Action (CTA) button is one of the most important things you can have on your website. The goal of a call-to-action is to elicit a reaction and prompt your website visitor to engage in a transaction with you. Dragging the Call To Action Content Element and dropping it into any Content Area places a clickable button or text that grabs attention and entices users to click.

Element Settings

Button Type: Your call-to-action button can be displayed as one of three different types:

  • A Text Link
  • A Standard Button
  • A Custom Button

NOTE: Knowledge of basic CSS language is necessary to create the Custom Button option.

Choose A Product:

To use the Call To Action Content Element, you must first configure your offers in your MINDBODY business management software account. Once your offers are configured, they will appear in a drop-down menu within the Call To Action Content Element.

Link Text:

When labeling your call-to-action button it is best to use short, clear verb-driven phrases.


Note: In this initial phase of its launch, the Call To Action Content Element is intended for LiveEdit custom designers and advanced users with CSS and HTML abilities. Future enhancements are planned to streamline and simplify the functionality of the Call To Action Content Element.