The MINDBODY Schedule Element is designed to pull your schedule directly from your MINDBODY business management software. Clients will be able to reserve their spots in a class. If you are looking to display your MINDBODY workshops/enrollments, please take a look at our MINDBODY Enrollments Element Guide Here.

Element Settings


  1. Set the number of days that will display in the schedule.
  2. Choose where your “Sign Up” buttons direct to, whether it be staying within your LiveEdit site to complete the signup or linking out to the Consumer Mode of MINDBODY.
  3. Ability to hide trainer names within your schedule.
  4. Ability to show or hide your dropdown menus and print options populated by MINDBODY.
  5. Choose what Service Categories and Class Types will populate into the schedule.
  6. Ability to select a specific staff member to show in the schedule, or choose all staff.
  7. Choose what day of the week the schedule will start on by default.
  8. Choose whether or not to display “Sign Up” buttons within your schedule.
  9. Choose a specific start date for the schedule (i.e. your studio is opening next month)
  10. Choose to have all locations display on the schedule, or select a specific location.

Under the Advanced tab, we have a new Asynchronous Call setting that can be enabled to help improve the load times of the element.