The Mindbody App settings allow you to control various options within our integrated Mindbody pages and elements. 

To access your Mindbody App settings, please follow these steps:

  1. Login to your website
  2. Navigate to the Dashboard
  3. Click on the MINDBODY App located within the Dashboard
  4. On the main API Key tab, you can enter in your MINDBODY Studio ID.

  5. On the Settings tab, you can enter adjust various settings with our MINDBODY integrated elements. Please see below for an overview of each setting

Settings Overview


Link out to MINDBODY's Consumer Mode for all purchase - Checking this box will send all MINDBODY purchases, include our integrated checkout page, which will prompt clients to click a link out to MINDBODY Consumer Mode to make a purchase.

Enable Google Conversion Tracking - Code added here will be injected to the <head> of the integrated Mindbody checkout success page of "/apps/mindbody/success".

Note: If you are using a Google Tag Manager account, we recommend adding your Ad Conversion to Google Tag Manager instead. This will give you greater flexibility to run the Ad Conversion code on any page of your LiveEdit website.

Require CVV2 code when a client makes a credit card purchase - If you have this option enable in your MINDBODY Business Mode setup, please check this box.

Put stored credit card option on top of new card option in the checked - If you have this option enabled, the option to use a stored credit card will appear at the top of the checkout instead of the fields to enter in a new credit card. By default, the option is turned off.

Require credit card stored in client's account for all purchase - When enabled, all purchases will require a credit on file for an account. This includes all products, even ones at $0.00. On the checkout screen, there is a 'Save my billing info into my account' checkbox. If left unchecked while this setting is enabled, the checkout button will grey out and show a message that you can customize. 


Product Layout - This option will adjust the layout of the integrated MINDBODY checkout page (/apps/mindbody/checkout). 

  • In a grouped list: Lists all products categorized by their group.
  • Using a drop-down menu: Select the category to view products.
  • Each product has its own purchase button: Each product will show an individual 'Buy Now' button in a responsive grid format. When this option is enabled, you will be provided options to custom the overall look of the 'Buy Now' buttons to match your website's design.


This tab will allow you to check which products you wish to have displayed through our integrated MINDBODY Checkout page (/apps/mindbody/checkout). Its left unchecked will not be displayed. 


Sign Ups/Forms

Customer click Sign Up buttons in my site - This option will affect all 'Sign Up' buttons on the website related to MINDBODY. There are three options. 

  • Sign Up buttons direct to my studio's MINDBODY consumer mode site in a new/tab window.
  • Sign Up buttons direct to my studio's MINDBODY consumer mode site in the same tab/window.
  • Sign Up buttons direct to login & sign up pages within this website using MINDBODY's API. 

I prefer not to have Sign Up buttons on my site. User will need to visit my studio's MINDBODY page to register online for classes and other events - Checking this box will remove all Sign-Up buttons across our Elements and Integrated pages will be removed. 

Use Universal login in my site  - This option is only used by studio's using the myStats app. 

Prompt for billing information when a users creates - Checking this box will be prompt users to enter in their billing information after a brand new MINDBODY client account is created on the website. 

Log user in when pushing an Aurora From to MINDBODY - Checking this box will login in a user after they make a MINDBODY account through a custom Form. To create a custom form that creates a MINDBODY account, please contact our support team for assistance. 


Show Resource field in my class schedule(rooms/locations) - Checking this option will enable the Resource field of your class schedule to appear in your MINDBODy integrated schedule. 

Show Enrollments in my class schedule -  If this option is checked, MINDBODY enrollments will appear through the MINDBODY Schedule Element and Integrated page. 

Use "Smart Buttons" in my schedule -  Checking the box gives different names to a button based on certain criteria in the scheduling process.

Show "Contact Us" links for full classes (or classes with unavailable web registration) -  If checked, a 'Contact Us' link will appear below the class is the full text. You can set up this link to take the client to a specific page on your website, such as the contact page.

Display classes times using a 24-hour clock - Checking this box will change all times shown on the across our MINDBODY integration to display in a 24-hour format.

Show dropdown filters on my enrollments page -  Checking this box will added in dropdown filters to our MINDBODY integrated enrollments page (/apps/mindbody/elements/enrollments). 

Style and Display

Which Staff members should display on the staff page? - This option allows you to control which staff members are shown on the MINDBODY integrated staff page (/apps/mindbody/staff). If you are looking to adjust the order, we recommend using your MINDBODY Staff List Element instead. Please see our Guide Here.

Custom Staff Images - This allows you to upload a custom staff image to override the existing images pulled from the staff member's account in your MINDBODY account. 

Styles & Theme - This allows you to select a different them for our MINDBODY integration. More information coming soon!


If you have any questions about these settings, please submit a ticket here