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Adding a Slideshow Element

  1. Log in as an admin (How to Login)
  2. Click on Edit to access Edit Mode.
  3. Drag and Drop the Slideshow Element into a Content Area.

  4. Add your content then click Save Changes.

Adding slides 

Click the Add New Slide button to add additional slides. 

Deleting slides 

Hover over a slide box and click on the Trash Can icon.

Please Note: Clicking Delete From Page in the bottom left corner will remove the entire slideshow and from the page.

Rearranging slides

You can rearrange the slide by clicking and dragging the slide box.

Slider Presets:

  • Single Slide: Display only one slide at a time
  • Multiple (3) Slides: Display three slides at a time. For example, slides 1, 2, and 3 would be displayed on a single slide. 
  • Adjustable Height Slide (Autoheight): Automatically adjust slider wrapper height to the height of the current slide's content.
  • Custom: Access all the slideshow options. Recommend for advanced users only.

All Settings

  • Auto Height: Automatically adjust height
  • Autoplay: Enable or disable autoplay
  • Autoplay Delay: Delay between transitions in milliseconds
  • Autoplay Disable On Interaction: Stop autoplay on interaction
  • Autoplay Pause On Mouse Enter: Pause autoplay when mouse enters
  • Autoplay Reverse Direction: Reverse the direction of autoplay transitions
  • Autoplay Stop On Last Slide: Stop autoplay on the last slide
  • Autoplay Wait For Transition: Wait for the transition to finish before starting autoplay
  • Centered Slides: Center the slides within the swiper
  • Direction: Direction of slide transitions
  • Effect: Transition effect used by the swiper
  • Loop: Enable continuous loop mode
  • Speed: Duration of transition between slides in milliseconds
  • Grab Cursor: Enables a grab cursor when you hover over the swiper
  • Grid: Enable or disable grid layout (defaults to a grid of rows)
  • Pagination: Enable or disable pagination (display tabs at the bottom of the slide)
  • Slides Per View: Number of slides visible at one time on the swiper
  • Space Between: Space between slides in px
  • Display Navigation Arrows: Display Navigation Arrows
  • Thumbs Gallery: Display Slide Thumbnails

Adding Images to your slider

  1. Click on the Insert/Edit Image icon
  2. In the window that appears, click the Finder icon.
  3. Select an existing image (File Manager / Content Manager tabs) or upload a new one (Upload Tab). Once selected, hit Accept.
  4. Click Ok and your image is now added!

Image Tips

  • For slideshows spanning the full width of your website, recommend the following:
    • Width: A minimum of at least 1200px. 
    • Height: Subjective on how tall you want the slideshow to appear. Setting a height between 300px to 500px is a good starting range.
  • We recommend all images added to the slide are the same size before uploading.
  • When placing images, set the width box to 100% and leave the height box empty for the DimensionsThis will ensure your image spans the full width on any device.
  • To link an image, click to highlight it and then click the Insert/Edit Link icon.


Can I have overlay text or buttons on my images?

This is a custom feature our Design Team can help set up during a Design Appointment. (Book a Design Appointment).