Topic: Open Q&A

Edit Mode:
  • How do I edit photos?
  • How do I edit existing content?
  • How do I add new content (drag and drop)?
  • What is padding and how do I remove that if needed?
  • How do I add widgets?
  • How do I create a direct link to an external service? 
  • Can a website be in more than one language?
  • How do I modify the header?
  • Can I build forms and add them to the website?
  • What is the Blog AI feature?
  • Does this come with a trial?
  • How do I purchase credits?
  • How do I access the recipe app?
Going Live:
  • How do I launch my website?
  • What is an A record and what is our IP address?
  • Can I edit the site after it is live?
  • How do I begin my website trial?
  • What is the best way to get started building my website?
  • How do I access the help portal?
  • What kinds of help are available for me?