Topic: Open Q&A

Edit Mode:
  • Can I edit my logo?
  • Does liveedit offer logo design serivces?
  • How can I duplicate a page?
  • Can I used a duplicated page as a base to get started with my own page design?
  • How do I link to social media?
  • Is there an undo button?
  • What do I do if I delete something by accident?
  • How do I use the blog and connect with the IIN feed?
  • Can I have both IIN posts and my own at the same time?
  • Can IIN blogs and recipes be synced to a social media account?
  • Can I delete specific IIN provided blog content?
  • How do I use the recipe application and connect with the IIN provided recipes? 
  • How do I create categories of recipes?
  • How are recipes ordered?
Going Live:
  • How do I launch my website?
  • What is an A record and what is our IP address?
  • What is a CNAME record?
  • Can a way to collect payments from customers be added to the website?