Topic: Open Q&A

What's Covered: 

  • Edit Mode:
    • How do you create a new button on the home screen or a specific page? 
    • When uploading images on a template do they have to be a specific size to fit (i.e., cover photo page and itemized categories?
    • How do you create a new page?
  • Blog Mode:
    • Where do I add the pre-written blogs from IIN?
    • How do you create a new blog post?
    • Do we credit IIN for these blog posts?
  • General
    • How do you put a recipe in a category?
    • Do we build custom websites or design projects for a fee?
    • What happens if we cancel our subscription?
    • Can I start building the website before I have a domain name?
    • Can I select a new template after my three-month free trial ends?
    • Is there a health history form clients can fill out directly on the platform?
    • Can we integrate scheduling and payment into this website? 
    • How do I schedule 1:1 training to help build my website?