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What is a legacy IIN customer?

If you started an account with liveedit before September 26th, 2022, or if you are on a legacy subscription (IIN Basic, IIN Standard, or IIN Prime), your website is on our Legacy IIN platform

Can I sign up for an IINSite?

Absolutely! All IIN students and graduates are eligible for our new IINSite offer. To get started today, please visit

Can I transfer content from my legacy website to my new IINSite?

We offer the option to transfer assets from the File Manager of your existing legacy website to your new IINSite at a cost. This would include all images, PDFs, Word documents, and other files you've uploaded to your File Manager. 

Please Note: Recipes, Blog Post, Pages, and any other content placed will not transfer. Just content uploaded to your File Manager.

Will my existing subscription transfer?

No. Signing up for the IINSite will start you on a brand new trial period and subscription plan.

How do I cancel my legacy account once I sign up for an IINSite?

To cancel your legacy IIN website, please submit our Cancellation Request Form.