Google Analytics is a powerful tool that provides key insights into business website performance. The resulting data gives you a better understanding of where your site traffic comes from, helping determine where to best dedicate marketing efforts. This complex tool is often difficult to navigate when searching for key metrics. However, liveedit has removed the pain of sifting through its many features providing an easy-to-use dashboard that lives within your business website.

Follow the steps below to properly set up your Google Analytics account so an easy-to-read data stream can be displayed within your website’s analytics dashboard.

Please make sure you have connected and launched your own domain name before completing the below steps. If you have not launched your website, please see our guide here: How to launch your website (Going Live)

Please Note: This feature is only included with the Growth Essential Package 


1) Visit the Google Analytics Website

Visit and then click Get Started Today to create an account. If you already have an existing Google account, feel free to log in with that.

2) Account Creation

Go to the Admin section and select Create Account. Name your account and leave benchmarking, technical support, and account specialists checked. Click Next.

3) Property Creation

Name your property (your business name is the best option). Select your time zone and currency. Click Next

4) Business Details

This section will not impact the analytics dashboard, but you may make selections for your Google Analytics account. Click Create.

5) Business Objectives

Select the different objectives to generate unique reports in Google Analytics.

6) Data Streams

Select the Web platform option. Enter your Website URL and Stream name. Click Create Stream.

Please Note: Make sure you enter your connected custom domain and not the built-in "" one.

7) Web Stream Details

Next, under Google Tag, select View Tag Instructions. Select Install Manually then copy the provided code snippet and then install it into the GA4 GLOBAL SITE TAG (GTAG.JS) box. Please also feel free to send the code over in a support ticket and we can install it on your behalf as well. 

8) Give liveedit access to your account.

Within your Google Analytics account, click on the Admin section and then click Account Access Management

Next, click the + icon in the upper right corner and then click Add Users. Add to the email address field then set the permission level to Editor

Once you've added liveedit's email address, our team will set up your Analytics Dashboardwhich may take up to 5 business days.

9) Seeing Data

Once your Analytics Dashboard is set up, you can view the data under the Analytics Dashboard within the Dashboard section.