Under the Settings tab, different options are available to customize the main recipe page (/apps/recipe/)

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Categories Layout

This option will change the default layout of the main recipe page (/apps/recipe/)

  • Thumbnails & Recipes - Display category images and recipes

  • Only Thumbnails - Display just category images

  • Only Recipes - Display just recipes

Column Count

This option will set how many columns will appear on the main recipe page. For example, here is the difference between 3 and 6 columns

  • 3 Columns + Only Thumbnails
  • 6 Columns + Only Thumbnails

Recipe List Limit

This option limits the number of recipes shown by default per category. Use 0 for unlimited.


This section allows you to add custom CSS coding to apply styling to the recipe pages. This is an advanced customization option and requires prior coding knowledge. 

Please Note: We do not currently offer any example custom CSS example to add at this time.