Under the My Recipes tab of the Recipe App, you will be able to enter your own recipes to share with visitors. Once a recipe is added, it will automatically appear on the main recipe page of your website (/apps/recipes).

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How to access the Recipe app

  1. Log in as admin (How to Login).
  2. Navigate to the Dashboard by clicking on the Dashboard Icon
  3. Click on the Recipe App

Adding a recipe

  1. Navigate to the My Recipes tab

  2. Click on the Add New Recipe button

  3. Give your recipe a Title then fill out the other recipe fields as needed. Note, it's not required to fill each one out to save. 

  4. Click Save Recipe at the bottom to save.

Recipe Images

The Photo field allows you to upload your own photo for visitors to see. This photo appears at the top of the recipe. Once an image is added, you can click on Remove Image to delete it.


  • Only one image can be added per recipe to this section.
  • The image will display the original size it was uploaded as. 
  • The image size can not be adjusted after adding the image.
  • Avoid using images over 600px in width. 
  • Avoid using images larger than 1MB in file size

Applying a Category

The Category field allows you to assign a recipe to one or more categories you've created under the My Categories tab. Clicking on the Category field will automatically display all categories you've created to select from. 

Text Styling Tips

  • We recommend using Paragraph (p) styling for basic text in each field. When applied, this help ensure the styling matches other paragraph text throughout your website.

  • If you are copying and pasting text into one of the recipe fields, we recommend highlighting all the text and clicking Clear Formats to ensure you do not carry over any styling, such as background colors, from where you copied from.

Editing existing recipes

From the My Recipe tab, hover over the recipe you wish to edit then click on the Edit icon. 

Deleting existing recipes

From the My Recipe tab, hover over the recipe you wish to delete then click on the Trash can icon.

Once a recipe is deleted, it can be restored by clicking on View Trash and then clicking Restore Recipe


  • Can I add a video?
    We do not currently offer an option to add videos.

  • Can I add recipes from a different website?
    We recommend reaching out to the owner of the recipe to ask for permission before manually adding their recipe content to your website. If they do provide you permission, don't forget to credit them!