After visitors fill out a form, you can redirect them to a specific page instead of the default "Thank You" message. This is a great way to provide leads with an option to download a document. In the below steps, we'll show you how to add a custom page called "Thank You". 

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Creating a Page

  1. While logged in as an admin, click on Pages in the top-left
  2. Click on Add Item
  3. Set the following options:
    • Type = Select Page
    • Display Name = Give the page a name. For example: Thank You
    • Menu Location = We recommend Not In Menu so the page does not appear to visitors in the main navigation bar/menu.
  4. Once the page has been created, you can hover over the Page Name and click the blue arrow icon that appears. This will nagivate you to the page to add content.

Redirecting the Form

  1. Once your page is setup, please navigate to the Dashboard
  2. Click on Forms
  3. Click the Form Name you wish to add a redirect to. In our example, let's update the "Lead Generation Form Example" form.
    Please Note: If you do not have a form created yet, please click Create New Form. (Guide: Creating and Managing Forms)

  4. On the right-hand settings panel, scroll down to the Confirmation section and set the following:
    • In the drop-down right below Confirmation, select Redirect
    • In the box right below, paste in your Page URL. For example, the page we created above has /thank-you as the Page URL.
      Please Note: The Page URL can be found by going to Pages >SEO > Page URL. 

  5. Click Save Form


How do I add a download PDF link to my "Thank You"?

Please see our guide here: Adding a PDF/File Link (Downloadable File)

Why is my form not redirecting?

  1. Make sure to place it on the page again. Guide From - Why are my changes not appearing?
  2. Double-check the correct Page URL was entered and