Welcome to your new IINSite website! In this article, we will cover frequently asked questions and the next steps to customizing your website.

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What should I do after creating my account?

We recommend checking out our example Business Plan to start thinking about your target audience, branding, and what service/products you want to highlight to customers. We also recommend viewing our Platform Overview Video.

How do I edit my website?

The liveedit platform is a drag-and-drop editing system. You can drag various Elements into Content Areas to add content. Any changes you make will appear live to visitors right away! To get started with the basics of editing, please check out the following guides:

How can I sell products, services, or courses on my website?

Our platform does not have an e-commerce store built-in but there are some wonderful third-party options such as PayPal and Ecwid. To learn more, please check out our guide here: Store Solutions

How do potential clients contact me on my website?

Your liveedit website comes with a contact form for customers to reach out but you can also look into using a third-party widget, such as Acuity Scheduling or Calendly, to have them book a specific time with you. To learn more, please check out our guide here: Appointment Solutions.

Can I send out marketing emails?

Email marketing is not included with our IINSite packages but there are some wonderful third-party options such as IINBiz (https://www.iin-business.com). To learn more, please check out our guide here: Email Marketing Solutions

Can I translate my website into a different language?

The default content provided with our templates is only available in English, however, anywhere you can add or edit text, you may do so in any language. If you are interested in creating a multilingual site, where visitors can click on an icon to switch between different languages on the site, we recommend using a translation widget such as Bablic (https://www.bablic.com) or Weglot (https://weglot.com).

Can I have member-protected content?

Our platform does not have an official membership page feature. While we do offer the option to Password Protect a Page behind a "User" account unique to your website, we do not have a built-in store to capture payments.

Can I switch design templates?

You can switch design templates but please note that if you apply a new one, the sample content from the new design template will not apply. Only the new content areas (layout) from the design will change.

Please Note: Default images from each design template are uploaded to your website's File Manager to view and use. You do not need to change templates to access those images.

Is liveedit HIPPA Compliant?

liveedit is not a HIPPA-compliant platform or host.