To duplicate content on a page, such as a block of text or a pricing box, you can now use our new duplicate content feature! 

Note: This feature only works on the Text, Image, and HTML Element.  

How to duplicate content

  1. Click on Edit to jump into Edit Mode on the page
  2. Click on the placed content you wish to duplicate. 

  3. In the options window that appears, click Duplicate 

  4. In the confirmation window that appears, click Duplicate

  5. The content is now duplicated into the same content area! To move this duplicated content to a different area, click and hold on the content, then drag it into a new area.


Can I duplicate content to another page? 

At this time, duplicated content will appear on the same page it was duplicated from. 


Can I duplicate other Elements?

Only our Text, Image, and HTML Elements can be duplicated.