Draft Mode allows you to test out new content on a page or schedule content to appear at a specific time.

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How to set content as a Draft or Published 

Under the Advanced tab of every element (e.g. Text, Image, HTML), you can set content to be a Draft or Published with the Status selector. You may freely toggle content between these two options at any time.  

When set as to Draft, the content will only be visible to admins while in Edit Mode on the page. This content says ‘Draft Content’ at the top and is indicated with an orange background color. This content is only visible to admins.

When set to Published, the content will appear for all visitors to your website.

How to publish all your Drafts at once

In the LiveEdit Tool Bar, a Draft icon will appear to give you the option to publish all your Drafts on that page at the same time.

How to schedule a Draft 

Under the Advanced tab, you can schedule a Draft to be published on a specific date and time. You can also schedule Published content to appear as a Draft again.


What time zone are the dates and times based on? 

The date and time are based on the Time Zone set for your account under Account Settings.  

Is Drafted content indexed for search engines to find? 

Drafted content will not get indexed by search engines.