*Please note: This level of customization is best intended for advanced users.

For individual content areas, you have the ability to customize how you want your text to look within that content area by adjusting the text style settings for that area. In order to do this, you must first remove all previous styling from your text.

Here's how to do that:

1. While in Edit mode, click on the text that is within the content area you want to customize.

2. In the text editor, highlight your text

3. Change your text style to 'Div'

4. Save your changes

Now that you've removed the styling from your text, you're ready to customize the text settings for your content area.

To adjust text settings for your content area

1. Click the edit icon on the desired area or region you wish to customize the text settings

2. Click the 'text' tab

3. Choose the settings to apply to your text

Font Family: Set your font type

Font Weight: Change the weight of your font to be bolded

Font Style: Change the style to feature Italics

Alignment: Set the alignment of your text within the content area

*Make sure you do not have alignment set on your text within the text editor

Text Color: Set your font color using the color picker or by entering a color number and adjust the color intensity with the slider gauge.

Line Height: Line height refers to the space between lines of text. Adjust your line height by using the number selector or typing in your number. The higher the number, the larger the space between lines. *When you type in your line height value, you are able to add a decimal point for more precise spacing. Example: 0.5, 1.5, 2.5

4. When finished, click ‘Save’ to preserve your settings.

Once saved, you will see the icon for the area turn to green to indicate your changes have been applied.