Within Google Analytics, there is a way to set up different Goals. These Goals are a great way to track clients completing a specific task on your website, such as making a purchase through our MINDBODY integrated purchasing. 

Here is how to set up a Goal in Google Analytics to track a purchase through our MINDBODY integration.

1) First, please make sure Google Analytics is set up on your website through our Google Analytics Plugin. If this has not been done yet, please see our helpful guide here on how to set up Google Analytics.

2) Once Google Analytics is connected, login to your Google Analytics and navigate to the Admin panel - View - Goals as shown below

3) Once in the Goals section you will want to set a new goal. Either "Custom" or "Place an Order" for the type to set up as. Click continue.

4) Give it a name like "New intro package", or whatever action/CTA you want to track. Set the type as "Destination." Click "Continue."

5) Now in the Goal details section enter the URLs you want to track only using the page URL and not the full URL.

Here are examples of steps for an action path of making a purchase from a Call-To-Action (CTA) link from a homepage to a checkout item. 

  1. We have a " " which is equivalent to the home page URL.

  2. The Payment URL that the CTA goes to: /apps/mindbody/checkout/php?productID=142 (You can find out your MINDBODY checkout URL following this guide.)

  3. We used the success page to make sure the payment was successful: /apps/mindbody/success

  4. The final URL: /apps/mindbody/myaccount?purchased