An automatic confirmation email can help provide users with additional information, such as a download link, after submitting a form.

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Email Field Requirement

Your form will need an Email field to capture a user's email address. You can find the Email Field under the Advanced tab on the left-hand side of the form builder. 

Setting Up Confirmation Email

  1. While logged in as an admin, click on the Dashboard icon.
  2. Click on the Form service.
  3. Click on the form you wish to update.
  4. Click on the Form Name (very top field of the form) and then on the right-hand side, set the following options:
    • Send Confirmation = Set to Yes
    • Send To = Set to Email

  5. Next, click on the Edit E-Mail link.

  6. In the window that appears, enter a Subject and Email Body
    • You can use the dynamic fields at the bottom of the email to add personalization! For example, if your form captures a first name, you could add the dynamic value to your response.

  7. Click Save Form