The content area editor (also known as the CSS Editor) allows you to easily make styling changes to specific content areas and regions on individual pages throughout your website.  

Some of changes that can be made include setting a background image or background color, adding a border, modifying your spacing, and adjusting text settings.

Each content area or region that can be adjusted will a blue edit icon appear in the upper right or left corner of the area when viewed in Edit mode.

To use the Content Area Editor

1. Click the edit icon for the desired area or region

2. Adjust any of the settings you wish to change by clicking the respective tab

Background - Adding a background image or color

Border - Add a border to the content area

Spacing - Adjust the spacing in and around the content area

Text- Adjust how text displays within the area

3. When finished, save your changes to apply your settings.

Once saved, you will see the content area edit icon turn 'green' to indicate your settings have been applied.

*TIP: Use the Device option to adjust the settings for how an area is viewed by a specific device. This can be especially useful when having issues with how your content is displayed on a mobile device.

**TIP: Want to apply the same settings to multiple areas? Try saving your settings as a Preset!