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What is a complete mindbody client account?

A complete mindbody client account will contain the following:

  • Email Address
  • Password
  • All required Client Fields are filled out
  • Client ID

If a mindbody client account missing any of the above information, it's considered incomplete and will not function through our platform's integration.

Duplicate Accounts

When a user attempts to create an account through the website, we check for duplicate accounts based on the email address of a completed mindbody client account. If the system finds a complete using that email address already, the account will not be created. If the system does not recognize an existing complete account, an account will be created. 

If clients are making accounts outside your liveedit website or you are making them with mindbody business mode, please make sure they are complete accounts. 

If a client has a duplicate account in mindbody business mode, you can merge them using mindbody's merge tools. Please see mindbody's guide for more information:

Please Note: In mindbody consumer mode, there is a feature for clients to look up their incomplete accounts to make them complete. Currently, this feature is not supported in mindbody's API for any partners or mobile applications to utilize. We have requested this functionality from mindbody's development team and will add it once the function is released to the mindbody API. In the meantime, clients will have to complete their accounts through your mindbody consumer mode website if they have an incomplete account.