How do I turn on the new Front Desk Tools view?

  1. Login to your website. 
  2. Navigate to the Dashboard. 
  3. Click on the Stations App.
  4. Click on the Advance tab.
  5. Under the New Front Desk (beta version) tools, select Yes.
  6. Scroll back up to the top and click Save.
  7. Finally, click on the blue refresh arrows next to “Stations App Management." This will refresh the entire application and load the 'New Front Desk Tools'.
  8. The new version of Stations is now enabled!

Note: Once the new Stations Front Desk is turned on, you will notice a few changes to the names of each Tab. 

  • The ‘Reservations’ tab is now called ‘Front Desk Tools’
  • The ‘Classes’ tab is now called ‘Assign Layouts.’ (Functionality has not changed)
  • The ‘Layouts’ tab is now called ‘Create Layouts.’ (Functionality has not changed)

Front Desk Tools

Quick View Calendar:

The quick view calendar displays all your upcoming classes for up to 7 days out. 

Note: The total class capacity will only update once the application is refreshed.

How do I add, remove, search or block clients now?

We have gone away with the view, and move/cancel option. Everything is now directly done through the layout. The moment you add a reservation, move, cancel, or swap riders, the layout is updated right away!

Adding a Reservation:

To add a reservation, click on an available station number. A pop-up will appear were you can search for a client by their name or email address. After typing in just three characters, a result will appear!

Blocking a Bike

You can also opt to block the bike by clicking "Block this station instead" after clicking on an open station. After clicking this, you will be prompted to add a note on why the station is being blocked. To remove a block bike, simply click on the block Station again and click "unblock".

Canceling a Reservation:

Click on the station you wish to cancel and select “Cancel Client”. This will remove the client from both Stations and MINDBODY class roster. 

Move / Swap reservations:

From the ‘Move/Swap’ option, after clicking on a Station, you will notice the grid cells change color:

  • Red = This indicates the station you are moving. 
  • Dark Green = This indicates the stations is open to be moved to.
  • Light Green = This indicates the station is reserved already but you can swap the reservations.

Settings: (Located under the Advance Tab)

  • Default Days Showing  - This setting will toggle the number of days showing within the quick view calendar.
  • Show Classes without an assigned layout - While this option is set to 'Yes', it will display all your classes, even if no layout is assigned. Classes without layouts will appear grayed out.