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Expanding the Text Editor Window

You can adjust the size of the text editor window to give yourself a better view of the content. To adjust the window size (vertically), click-hold-and-drag the bottom-right corner of the window:

Paste as Text

The Paste as Text, an option that is on by default, removes any formatting from the text you are pasting into the Text Editor. For the examples below, assume the content was copied from a document on your computer and pasted into the window:

Pasting with Paste as Text on:

If you have a large amount of content that is already formatted and would like to avoid completely reformatting it, turn off the Paste as Text option:

Pasting with Paste as Text off:

Clear Formatting

You can remove any formatting from your content by highlighting it and clicking the Clear Formatting button. This is useful when you are having trouble editing/applying certain styles to content that has previously been formatted. 

Show Blocks

To make it easier to see which HTML tags1 are currently applied to your text activate Show Blocks under the View menu:

After activating Show Blocks you will see a gray, dashed line around each Block of text with an indication of which HTML tag is currently applied (H1-H6, P, Blockquote, etc.). 

Starting a New “Block” With [Return] Vs. Using [Shift+Return]

(Note:  Return (⏎) is also known as Enter by some users)

Using the keyboard shortcut [Return] will create a new Block:

If you hit [Shift+Return] by itself the cursor will move to the next line in the same Block:

To have better control over the formatting of your content it is advisable to have each header, paragraph, list, or blockquote contained within it’s own Block.

Clear FormattingAdjusting Typography Using the Design Editor

One of the most significant benefits of the Design Editor is the ability to quickly adjust the Typography of your entire site with just a few clicks of the mouse.  For this to work you must apply Main Text or Header styles to all of your text. You can apply these tags in the Text Editor using the quick Format menu:

After your content is properly tagged you can adjust the site-wide style for all of the text in the Design Editor's Typography menu:

Source Code

The Source Code icon allows you to see the coding of the element. You can copy/paste the Source Code to take the content from a Text Element on one page and paste it to another!