Note: The use of any material that may be subject to copyright laws is done so at your discretion and it is your responsibility to ensure that you have the proper permission to use said materials.

To place an audio file on your website for playback or download, follow the steps outlined below.

Step 1:  Add the audio file to your File Manger

When logged into your website, click the Dashboard icon in the upper right corner.

Once in the Dashboard, click on File Manager tab on the left side of the page.

Select the 'Upload File' button on the right side.

Add your audio file either by dragging it into the checked box area, or by selecting the green 'Add files' button and locating the file on your computer.

Add files

Audio file successfully added

Once your audio file has been uploaded, locate the new file and click on the Filename.

This will open a window that displays the information about the file.  Scroll down to the bottom of this window and you will see a listing that says 'original'.  Click on the chain link icon next to it. This will copy the URL information for the file to your computers clipboard.  You should see a confirmation window pop up as well.

Step 2: Setting up your Link

To make your audio file available from your website, you will need to create a link to connect to it.

Navigate to the page you wish to add the audio file.  You can either edit existing text or create new text using the Text Element.  

In the Text Editor, select the text you wish to make the link, and select the Insert/Edit link icon from the toolbar.

In the edit window, in the URL box, paste in the information previously copied to your clipboard as mentioned above.

In the Target section, select 'None' will open the link in the same browser window.  Selecting 'New Window' will open the link in a new tab or window on the user's web browser.

When ready, click 'Ok' and save your changes.

When a user clicks the link, a play window will appear allowing them to play the audio file.  

The file can also be downloaded by right clicking on the mouse and choosing the 'Save As' option.