What is it?

LiveEdit developed the Sync service to provide a way to account for MINDBODY sign-ups and cancellations that happen outside of your LiveEdit website.

If you run a studio where 1) Bike bookings are important, 2) You use spot reservations to create demand, or 3) You simply want to remain one of the frontrunners when it comes to studio features you offer your clients, then the LiveEdit Sync is important to understand!

Why is it important?

While its best if your clients use your LiveEdit website to sign up for classes (so our Station layout can be shown), there are a number of other ways a client may sign up that don’t use your website:

  • MINDBODY Consumer Mode

  • MINDBODY Business Mode

  • MINDBODY Connect Mobile App

  • MINDBODY Engage/Branded Mobile App

  • MINDBODY Express Mobile App

  • ClassPass*

  • ScanTags

*At this time, ClassPass reservation are not 100% supported to be assigned a station through our Stations Sync Service.

If your clients use any of these ways to sign up, they will not be asked to choose a station (bike) as the sign up did not go through our system. That’s where our Sync service comes into play. Any time a class layout is accessed on your site (by a client or by an admin), our Sync runs. Clients add through the Sync services will be placed on the first numerical available station. Without getting too technical, the sync does a few things at this point that are important to note:

  • First, it compares your MINDBODY class list to what we have record of in LiveEdit. If people have dropped the class on the MINDBODY list, we then free those stations up within the Station layout.

  • We then account for any new sign-up entries on the MINDBODY class list and add them to ours.

  • We then assign stations to those new entries (and send out e-mail notifications to those people if you have that setting turned on).

  • Lastly, we show the updated class layout to the person accessing it.

If this process runs smoothly, everyone signed up for the class, no matter how, should end up with a station assignment. This is extremely important because a station assignment is necessary in order to receive stats for that class.


When does the Sync run?

Our Sync service runs any time the reservation layout is accessed. Here is when the sync will run: 

  • When a client views the reservation layout to pick a bike for a class. 
  • When the studio brings up the reservation layout to add a reservation through the backend management of the Stations App.
  • When the studio brings up the reservation layout to block a reservation through the backend management of the Stations App.
  • A few minutes before the class runs, a final Sync will run. 

What happens if a client does not get Synced?

Our Sync service will not sync anybody who has in blank MINDBODY Client ID or incomplete account. This is done on purpose as the ID is necessary for our system to identify who is signed up. You can assign an ID for someone that doesn't have one by going to their client profile within MINDBODY, clicking "Edit Name", and then clicking "Assign" next to ID. The following image will show you exactly where you should enter this info. We recommend you use a numerical ID with no spaces, special characters, or letters.