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Margin vs Padding

Adjusting spacing allows you to add ‘white space’ or 'empty space' around your content or content areas. There are two ways to do this, margins and padding.

  • Margin applies to the outside of your content area or region.
  • Padding applies to the area inside your content area or region.

Example: No spacing settings

Example: Margin applied

Example: Padding applied

How to add Spacing:

1. While in Edit Mode on a page, click on the edit pencil next to the content area name

2. Jump to the Spacing tab and then add in the numerical amount for the spacing you would like to add. 

Please Note:

  • Avoid setting a large amount of negative space
  • If you set over 50px of padding or margnin on Desktop, we suggest setting a lower value on Mobile due to the different screen sizes. You can set different spacing per device using our Device Settings for Content Area Editing

3. Click Save to preserve and apply your settings. Once saved, you will see the icon for the area turn to green to indicate your changes have been applied.