Adjusting spacing allows you to add ‘white space’ or 'empty space' around your content or content areas. There are two ways to do this, margins and padding.

  • Margin applies to the outside of your content area or region.

  • Padding applies to the area inside your content area or region.

Example: No spacing settings

Example: Margin applied

Example: Padding applied

To Add Spacing

1. Add in the numerical amount for the spacing you would like to add. You can either type in the amount or use the number selector.

*Tip: Using negative values can cause issues with how your website content will display on mobile and tablet devices.

**Tip: For Advanced Users and Web Designers, you can change the value of your spacing using the drop-down menu

2. When finished, click 'Save' to preserve and apply your settings.

Once saved, you will see the icon for the area turn to green to indicate your changes have been applied.