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Accessing Site Settings

While logged in as an admin, hover over your name in the upper right-hand corner and click Site Settings


General Information

  • Business Name: If a logo is not currently uploaded, your Business Name text will appear in the default content area in the header of your website.
  • Tagline: This short and pithy line about your business will be listed directly below the Business Name.
  • Description: A short business description of your business. May appear on your website depending on the Design Template you picked. (IINSite Design Templates do not use this feature).
Please Note: Under the Typography tab, you can adjust the styline of the Business Name (Site Name) and Tag Line 

Uploaded logo images will appear in the default field within the header of your website. When uploading a new logo image, we recommend the following:

  • Upload the logo with a transparent background.
  • Use an SVG file type if your logo contains a lot of text.


The favicon is an image that appears next to the SEO Title of a tab within your browser. We recommend using a simple design due to the limited nature of favicon images. Browser tabs limit favicons to 16x16px.

Social Media

If your template takes advantage of social media, you can fill out any of the social media text boxes, and each text box you fill out will enable the proper social media icon to appear on your site. Make sure to enter the full URL of your social media link.

Please Note: Under the Color tab, you can adjust the styline of the Social Icons 

Contact, Location, Support, and Billing Information

Depending on your Design Template, these settings will dynamically populate your website.

Please Note: IINSite Design Templates do not currently utilize this settings.