The Registration, also known as a kiosk, is a powerful tool which delivers a very convenient way for new members of a studio to sign up.  A terrific way to use the Kiosk is to display it on an iPad.  You can set it on the front desk or place the iPad in a Kiosk stand giving new members an inviting way to start out with the studio.

Element Settings

After dropping the Registration icon onto a content area a preferences window will immediately pop up.  You will have a variety of choices to customize the kiosk meeting your studio's needs.

  • On Registration Redirect to: After the registration is complete it will redirect to the home page if there is nothing in the text box.  If the textbox is filled out, registration will redirect to the path typed in the text field.
  • Generate PDF push to MINDBODY: If the checkbox is "Checked", a PDF will be generated and saved to the members MINDBODY account.
  • Generate PDF and Email PDF: If the checkbox is "Checked", a PDF will be e-mailed to the e-mail in the textbox below directly below this checkbox.
  • Email PDF to: Fill in the text box with the appropriate email address you want the PDF sent too.
  • Email Account Info: If the checkbox is "Checked", the new account information will be e-mailed assuming the textbox below this checkbox is filled out with an appropriate email address.
  • Email New Account Info to: Fill in the text box with the appropriate email address you want the new account information sent too.
  • Kiosk Mode: If the checkbox is "Checked", all new client information is unset.  This means if someone starts another registration they will not be able to access the site with the previous members credentials.
  • Skip Signature: If the checkbox is "Checked", the new member will skip the signature page and be added as a member to the studio after the initial page is filled out and the "Next" button is clicked.

Client View


Here is the initial sign up screen.  All of the fields directly listed on this Page are directly related to the MINDBODY application.  All of the fields filled out on the screen will be placed in the new members MINDBODY account, except the checkboxes.  When all of the information is entered to your satisfaction, click the "Next" button.  


If SMS is a part of your studio platform, you'll see a checkbox allowing a new member to receive text messages from your studio.


If the "Next" button is clicked with out all of the pertinent information filled out warnings will appear near the "Next" button.  Every time one of the warned fields is filled, the warning will disappear. 


Here is an example of the select boxes not being selected even though the "next" button was clicked. 

Kiosk Signature


If you select kiosk signature in the kiosk preferences and clicked the "next" button, a screen displays a studio release plus an area for the new member's signature.  In the box directly below "Draw your Signature".  You can sign your name in a variety of ways, either by using a mouse, trackpad, and even use your finger when using touchpads such as an ipad.  If you want to clear the signature, simply click the word clear.

When satisfied with the signature click the "Create Account" button.

Registration Thank You


After the new member goes through the registration process,  an elegant "Thank You" page will thank the new member prompting him or her registration is complete.  There is an "Add Another Member" button.  If clicked, it will take you to the original registration screen immediately otherwise the "Thank You" page will wait five seconds before moving on.

Registration Internal Features

A couple of other features the studio may utilize is the capability of emailing account information and emailing the new studio members PDF of Information to the designated email address.  These features only occur when checking the checkbox in the kiosk for generating a PDF and emailing acount information while filling out the approprate e-mail address.


Here is an example of an email of account information.  Your studio will instantly have a great way of knowing who has signed up.


This an example of a new member PDF. The created PDF will be stored in the new member's MINDBODY account.  So no need to worry if the PDF is lost, it's taken care of by storing it in your MINDBODY account.