The Youtube Element is a quick and easy want to embed videos from YouTube or Vimeo onto your website for visitors to view.


After placing the YouTube Element into a content area, paste in either a YouTube or Vimeo URL and click Save Changes.  

Advance Tab

Container Settings pertain to how the video will be displayed within the designated content area.

  • Display: Determines how the video will be displayed on the page.
    • All Devices: Video will be displayed when website is viewed on all devices.
    • Full Version: Video will ONLY be displayed when the website is viewed from a computer.
    • Mobile Version: Video will ONLY be displayed when the website is viewed from a mobile device.

  • Align: Align the video left, center or right inside its containing content area.

  • Class: Assign a CSS class to the video, allowing you control of how it is displayed.

  • Title: The title, more commonly known as a tool tip, is text that appears when you hover over the video. You can place instructions or other helpful content in this field.

Video Settings pertain to the playback and appearance of the video.

  • Auto Hide Controls: Select to hide the controls of the video automatically.
  • Auto Play: Select whether you'd like the video to play once the page loads.
  • Progress Bar Color: Set the color of the video progress bar.
  • Controls: Select to show or hide video controls.
  • Width: You can set the width of the video inside of the content area. Choose percent or pixel.
  • Mobile Width: set the width for the mobile version.
  • Show Related Links: Chose to display related links during video playback.
  • Show Info: Opt to display video information.
  • Control Theme: Set the theme of video controls to Light or Dark.
  • Loop Playback: Set the video to continuously play.

Video Overview

Common Questions

Can I change the picture shown before the video is played?

Before the video is played, the very first frame of the video will appear. You can adjust the first frame of the video within the settings of YouTube.