In the Profile section of services, you'll find some basic but important aspects of your site, which include profile photo, password changes, and site access.

Profile Info

The information page is pretty straight forward. It's a place to input or change username's, passwords or email addresses.  Please note, the Display Name field can be used to mask your email address when making blog posts.

Profile Password

This section is used to change your login password.  Simply type in the current account password, new password, and password confirmation then click Change Password to complete this process.

Profile Images

Here you can upload a custom profile image, this again is can be shown when making a blog post.  To add an image click the Upload Image button to import the desired image.  Once imported click the Set Profile Photo button below to use this image as your profile picture.

Profile Sites

This will list all of the LiveEdit sites that are associated with your user profile.  You can view and/or sign in to any site from this menu.
This only applies if you or your studio has multiple sites with LiveEdit and is limited to the specific user profile.
Note: If you have been added as a user to multiple sites, it does NOT mean that all users of those sites are linked.  Each user only has access to sites that have granted access to that specific user.