The Media Element allows you to access professional stock images and videos that are available as part of your package. 

Browsing Available Media

The Media Element works similarly to the Image Element in that it can be dragged and dropped onto your page.  After dropping the Media Element into a content area the Media Browser will pop up:

  1. Search by Tags / Keywords:  Search for specifically themed images by entering a keyword into the search field (e.g. "fruit") and clicking the "Search" button.  Note:  You can search multiple keywords at one time to broaden your search results.
  2. Sort Options:  Sort available files alphabetically, or by the date they were added to the library.
  3. Media Type:  Choose to search for images or videos.
  4. Page Arrows:  Move forward or backward through the pages of available media
  5. Thumbnail:  Clicking a thumbnail brings you to the File Details window.

Placing the Item Onto Your Page

Clicking an image thumbnail in the Media Browser will show the File Details window:

  1. Image Details:  Shows a preview of the image, its file name, a description, the image's dimensions, and its file size.
  2. Place Image in Suggested Size:  Places the image, automatically constraining it to the width of the the content area in which it's being placed.
  3. Place Custom Size:  Allows you to place the image using a custom width (in pixels).
  4. Back to Media:  Returns you to the Media Browser.

Note: Placing an image using the Media Element will upload the image to your File Manager at the same time.  It can then be edited using the built in Photo Editor, or inserted into a Text Element.